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Update: Custer State Park's Legion Lake Fire

We'd like to take the opportunity to provide an update on an area wildfire that is currently impacting our region. The Legion Lake Fire, which started on Monday morning in Custer State Park, is now estimated to have grown in size to a total of 35,000+ acres as of Wednesday morning.

5 to Try This Weekend in the Black Hills

The Black Hills region is widely known as a summer destination with its thrilling array of family attractions, world-class parks and monuments, and breathtaking landscapes. But that's not to say that winters in the Black Hills aren't as equally exciting!

Deadwood History's Festive Fridays

Looking for a fun activity to help get your kids into the Christmas spirit?

Lace Up & Skate the Square

As the year starts getting colder, like clockwork, I can always count on this question from my children: "Dad, when can we go ice skating?!"

South Dakota, Where the Buffalo Roam

Seeing and Experiencing the Bison of the Dakota Plains

Lights Sparkle in the Night

Over the last ten years, my children have grown up playing and exploring at Storybook Island. One of our favorite yearly activities we never miss is the Christmas Nights of Light at Storybook Island.

Discover the Christmas Spirit in Hill City

The storage space in my basement is filled to the brim with Rubbermaid totes and cardboard boxes; carefully stacked and aligned in perfect position like a game of Tetris. Each one is proudly labeled by the holiday decorations packed tightly within: "4th of July," "Valentines Day," "St.

Visit the North Pole in the Black Hills

Once a year, the Black Hills between Keystone & Hill City are magically transformed into the North Pole. Santa takes a break from his work and planning to cast a spell over the Black Hills Central Railroad and even makes an appearance on all of the Holiday Express routes.

Photo Tips: In a Winter Wonderland

My personal photography slows down in the winter time, but my camera (and gloves) are always close by. Sure the flowers are gone and the colors muted, but there is a unique beauty that only winter can offer—as unique as a snowflake. (Cheesy, I know.)

Ringneck Roundup

Pheasant, grouse, and partridge hunting season is officially open now through January 7, 2018, across the state of South Dakota. And while it’s common knowledge that our pheasant numbers are way below last year, as well as the 10-year average, our best hunting may be yet to come.