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Dedication of Friendship Tower

Today was a great start to my 4th of July weekend. I got the chance to do a little bit of belated hiking and listen to speeches by both Theodore Roosevelt and Seth Bullock.

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t really President Roosevelt and Seth Bullock, but reenactors instead (Trust me, they could have fooled you). Today was the Dedication of the Friendship Tower on Mount Roosevelt just outside of Deadwood.

The Friendship Tower will have been constructed 90 years ago on July 4th by Bullock in commemoration of the 35 year friendship between him and former president Theodore Roosevelt. The hike up to the tower is one that I would recommend for anyone. The view is amazing! It’s no wonder that Bullock chose such an area with so much natural beauty in remembrance of their friendship. After all, Roosevelt was known for being a conservationist and is responsible for most of the original national parks. In 'his words' today, “These magnificent forests are the welfare of the common man.”

Even though they didn’t make it to the tower, the Rocky Mountain Regional Specialty Mule Team was also at the dedication to help us remember the large role that mule pack strings have had and currently play in forest preservation. It’s pretty interesting; you should probably take a look.

Mule from the Rocky Mountain Mule Team

Today I not only got to enjoy the outdoors, but was lucky enough to witness the dedication of what could now be considered a friendship that has been celebrated for 125 years. To learn more about Theodore Roosevelt and Seth Bullock, take a look at the sites below.

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