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  • 7 Reasons Your Destination Wedding Should Be in the Black Hills
    7 Reasons Your Destination Wedding Should Be in the Black Hills

  1.) Photos - Your only problem will be which spot to choose. Best part? Accessibility. And yes, you can get there in a wedding dress.     2.) Options - Close your eyes and picture your dream setting. Was it this?     Or this?     Or maybe this? Thought so. 2015-01-08-wedding-blog-synergy79-0041     3.) Photos - (Seriously, they’re going to be that good.) Plan as much time as you can. Then double it. Don’t worry—you don’t need to look perfect for the long shots.     4.) Crowds – As in, there aren’t any. Even during tourist season, it’s not overwhelmingly busy because there’s so much to do within a 100-mile radius. 2015-01-08-wedding-blog-synergy79-0040     5.) Bang for your Buck - You can have a lot more wedding because the scenery is free. Bonus for your guests: Area attractions are family-friendly and affordable. Insider tip: Book outside of the summer tourist season for the best deals. Your guests will thank you when they snag a deal, and another added bonus: Springtime is full of baby wildlife! 2015-01-08-wedding-blog-synergy79-0036     6.) Speaking of Wildlifethey roam freely here. Custer State Park, a top state attraction, is known for its herd of 1,300 free-roaming bison, and you can often get right in the middle of them. 2015-01-08-wedding-blog-synergy79-0007   7.) Ease of Itinerary Planning - Quaint B&B for a night? Check. Wine tour with the bridesmaids? Check. Microbrew tour? National Parks & Monuments? Scenic drives and byways? Check, check, and check out: http://blackhillsbadlands.com/suggested-itineraries for ideas.    

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Gina is a South Dakota ‘east river’ native, and she obtained her Bachelor’s in both English and Communication Studies & Theater in 2005. She spent five years working at a resort in Austin, TX before she and her husband were married in the Black Hills. They moved here four months later when she was hired on as the Director of Sales & Marketing for Custer State Park Resort, and she has been delighted by buffalo nose marks on her office window ever since. Her young family of four enjoys frequent Black Hills staycations and are embarrassingly-regular visitors to Reptile Gardens, CSP’s Buffalo Safaris, and Old MacDonald’s Farm.

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