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Proudly Patriotic: The Best Way to Enjoy an Evening at Mount Rushmore

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The iconic faces of Mount Rushmore National Memorial are represented as an American symbol all throughout the U.S. and abroad. It's truly one of our country's most identifiable landmarks. As such, there is little surprise that this incredible memorial draws nearly two and a half million visitors each year who come to admire the sculpture for themselves.


The mountain itself is awe-inspiring. Arrive at sunrise and you'll witness the faces illuminated in dazzling hues of pink and gold, accompanied by the serene peacefulness of morning in the middle of the Black Hills National Forest.


And while a morning or afternoon visit will provide an epic experience, many may be surprised to hear that an evening visit to the memorial promises to stir up the most patriotic emotions and will prove how the memorial lives up to its name as America's Shrine to Democracy.


Held nightly at 9 p.m. now through August 13, and then nightly at 8 p.m. from August 14 through October 1, Mount Rushmore National Memorial presents an evening lighting ceremony and special program. If there's ever been a time you've needed to be reaffirmed of your patriotism, this will do it. (It's also likely to move you to tears!)


If you have a moment, the video below gives a sneak peek at just how powerful each evening ceremony can be:


As you plan your visit to Mount Rushmore, a daytime visit will certainly provide an abundance of educational opportunities, fantastic dining options, gifts and souvenirs. But consider returning in the evening to experience a compelling program and lighting ceremony. It will be one you will never forget!



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